Saturday, April 23, 2011


Spring is here and so is my second semester of the year! Winter semester was went smashingly well. I just finished my first week of spring semester. I have recently noticed a pattern in myself when it comes to school. The first week of classes I freak out A LOT. I continue freaking out until I understand exactly what I have to do to be successful in the class. Finally half way through the semester I am comfortable and confident and don't want the class to end. I wish it was half way through the semester so I could stop the panic and get my confidence back.


Jensen said...

Lanie I have confidence in you and know that you will do great just like you have done every other semester since you decided to go back to school for something that is important to you. Anyway, just thought I would let you know that you have been on my mind lately. Not sure why, but hope all is going well for you.


Denisse said...

If there is one thing you Jensen's do well is work hard!!!:) You will succeed Lanie Sue!!!! We love you and we are proud of you! Good luck this semester!

Denisse said...

Lanie! we need an update on your life! how's life been going? I miss yoU! Love you!