Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Red Head Envy

Ever since I was a young child I have wished I had red hair. Recently I put this as the background on my laptop and every time I see it, I think how beautiful Ariana is with that red hair. Lucky girl!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Utah, Quilts, Kids and Cousins

Brielle has learned to text. She started texting me and asking me to come visit her. This picture text was an enticement to get me to come visit. She wanted me to see how much fun she and her friends were having so I would come join them. After a couple weeks of texting and phone calls, she called me and said, "I talked to my mom and she said that next weekend is a good time for you to come and visit." Well of course who can turn down and invitation like that. Brielle makes me feel so loved and needed. I  love it that she calls and texts me and is always excited to see me. My heart is just so overwhelmed with love for her. Dad and I headed to Salt Lake on Saturday and came back on Tuesday.

Brookie's birthday happened to be the Thursday after we left and so of course I had to get her a birthday present. Denisse said that Brooke doesn't like TV very much except for Elmo. She LOVES Elmo. Since she doesn't have any Elmo toys I decided an Elmo Doll is the perfect gift.
I also gave her an Elmo quilt and I embroidered a B on it for Brooke.
She thanked me many times for the next couple days for Elmo. I am just so thrilled she loved it. The Sunday after her Birthday one of Denisse's friends asked Brooke what the highlight of her birthday was and she said, "Lanie gave Elmo". So precious. 
Braden liked the Elmo as well and at one point asked her if he could have it and she said, "No! Mine!" and grabbed it out of his hands. It was funny.

While I was there I noticed a very cool painting on their wall, done by Brielle. That girl has some major artistic talent. Every now and then she does something special and impressive. She said I could have it next time I come visit. I think she just wants me to come visit again soon, haha. Smart girl, tempt me with art.

We all went to Temple Square. I spent a very long time looking at the hall of art in the north visitor center. Giant paintings depicting Christ's life starting at his birth and going through the resurrection. They were amazing. After I was done my family was ready to go but I still hadn't seen the large statue of Christ. Brielle and Braden came with me to see it while our family waited patiently for us.
 Here are the kids trying to pose for a picture. It was rather funny to see them squished together like that.

I made a quilt for my newest niece Ame. 
Tragically it didn't turn out as I expected. This was my first time working with micro fleece. Just a tip, don't stretch it at all! Once it was all done I noticed the micro fleece side bounced back and made bubbles on the flannel side... opps. 
It doesn't look horrible but it isn't perfect. At least she will have the coolest snuggly ever to make up for the quilts imperfections. I decided I don't like micro fleece. Its to bad I already bought more to use for two other quilts. I hope the next two turn out better. If not I am going back to Tricot and Flannel quilts. 

Ryan and Kara are going to have a new baby boy. Here is a picture of his snuggly. I think it is so super cute. Kara said Ryan LOVES it so I am happy about that.
Now to make the baby quilt for my new nephew's up coming arrival. The new baby's colors are going to be Orange and Dark Blue. I think the above fabric is perfect. I will pair it with either cream tricot or maybe... maybe yellow or brown bubble micro fleece, maybe. We will see how daring I feel.

I am going to be going to visit Ryan and Kara and the kids this winter. I am excited to see them. Aren't they just precious! Such cute little characters. How did I get so lucky to have such awesome nieces and nephews? Not a bad one in the bunch.

I also got lucky in the cousin department. My cousin Stefan cracks me up. He sends me snap chats, which are picture texts that only show up for a few seconds and then are gone forever. Well one day he sent me a text of a freshly covered grave. As you may know he is a funeral director. Well since I work in a cubicle I sent him a picture of where I work. See the below picture. 
I sure love him; he makes me laugh with all his funny texts. I am glad we are cousins. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Welcome to the Family Ame.

I have a new niece Ameila born July 23rd. Isn't she pretty! I get to go meet her in person at the end of the month. I can't wait to hold her and give her the quilt and snuggly toy that I made her. I love her already.