Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome Emme!

We have a new member in our family. Emme is 10 weeks old and the cutest puppy ever! Mom, Dad, Grandma & I drove to Omaha Nebraska to pickup Emme. She is seriously the BEST dog we have ever had! She only cries for a few minutes before she settled down at night and goes to sleep in her create. She doesn't really bark at all which is really nice! We are still working on potty training but she is getting there. She is very smart and when we are playing chase the toy she stops and waits for it to come back around. She knows her name and already comes when you call her. She loves my parents bed and when she wants to take a nap she walks around the bed trying to find a way up. Then she will start to cry to let us know she wants up. She loves to play in the back yard but she dislikes being outside alone. If she gets locked out alone she will sit at the door and howl until she gets let in or until someone comes outside to be with her. Its a rather cute little howl and makes us laugh when she does it.