Thursday, April 15, 2010


I successfully completed my first semester at BYU-I. It was sad to have some of my classes end and a relieved about others. BYU-I is so much harder then ISU ever was. I have never worked so hard in my life. My next semester starts on April 20th. I am really excited about my new classes: Child Development, Special Education, Science and Family History. I have bruce Satterfield as my family history teacher, who comes highly recommended. This semester I based my schedule on ratings and comments from Wow, what a helpful website. I have all great teachers this semester. I hope this semester will be as fun as last semester. I adore BYU-I. The teachers, the classes, the atmosphere, and the standards. It is the second best place on earth.

From the second best place on earth, I have a great view of the first best place on earth, the Rexburg Temple.

President Clark is awesome. He gave a great devotional at the beginning of the semester and I love what he has done here at BYU-I. He left his position at Harvard to come to BYU-I and I am glad he did.

BYU-I has a beautiful campus and buildings. Everyday I walk through a little piece of heaven on my way from the Hinckley building to the Taylor building; I can’t wait to see the horticulture garden in the summer.

This is the Spori where my cousin Andra spends much of her time. It has a very cool art gallery where her art is sometimes featured. She is really very talented.

The Manwaring building has a massive food court. It is really a very impressive. I have only eaten there once but it was really very good, much better then any other buffet style food.

This is the football field at BYU-I. Not that I am a sports fan but it sure looks pretty ;)

The grounds are just as spectacular at night as they are during the day. This concludes the BYU-I tour. I hope you had a pleasant journey.