Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flat Stanley's Vacation

My niece Brielle sent me a really fun letter with "Flat Stanley" inside. He is a little boy that was flattened by a blackboard. He was very helpful to everyone he met. He was tired from helping all those people and needed a vacation. His parents couldn't afford a plane ticket so they mailed him around the world on vacation.

Brielle sent me her Flat Stanley, so I got to show him around town. Below are a few of the 50 photos that went into his vacation scrapbook. He also faithfully wrote about each day of his 14 day vacation on post cards. Flat Stanley was a model guest. I hope someday to host more Flat Stanley vacations.

Flat Stanley went to see the temple. He can't wait to go inside someday.

Flat Stanley went to Red Robin. He was so happy to meet the Red Robin, who gave him a balloon.

Flat Stanley goes on an early Easter egg hunt. He wishes Brielle was there to help him find the eggs.

Flat Stanley finds a dog his size to ride. He didn't fall off once. He is quite a skilled rider.

Flat Stanley went to the park. His favorite thing to do was go down the slide. He was faster then any of the other kids.

Flat Stanley had fun playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. He almost beat the game.

Flat Stanley went to the movies. He saw Dr. Seuss The Lorax in 3D. It was so good that he is going to ask for it for his birthday.

Flat Stanley went to the museum and saw dinosaurs. He wasn't scared because they are extinct.

Flat Stanley did have one mishap while he was on vacation. He got his foot stuck in a piano. He was brave and didn't even cry.

Spring Greetings

Life is going very well. I am working for Sony Playstation which is fun. I even got a free PlayStation out of it. I really love working there. It is nice to have a job that I truly enjoy... most days anyhow, lol.

The PS Vita just came out and I got to play it for an hour after training. I want one of my own now. Sony really out did themselves this time. I highly recommend it. There are a ton of awesome features. My favorite is augmented reality. The back background of the game is whatever is in front of you in real life. So when I shot the cartoons with my cartoon gun it looks like I am shooting them into real life. It reminds me of the movie Roger Rabbit, so fun.

I am out school this week, on break between winter and spring semesters. I had a great winter semester and I am looking forward to spring semester. I get to take understanding DNA and I am so very excited about that. I love genetics; it is fascinating. I also get to take world religions which will be a fun class. I will be taking a math class and studying to test out of 3 other math classes. That will be interesting.

At the end of July I will graduate with my associates. I am excited to have all education, child development and special education classes after that. I had a ton of fun in my Elementary P.E. Methods class. I have a ton of lesson plans to use when I am a teacher. Parachutes was my favorite class to teach.

I also discovered I am not totally devoid of athletic ability. I was pretty good at shooting in basketball once I got the correct form down. I also was pretty good at soccer and if that wasn't enough I was good at swinging a bat and connecting with the ball. I am still horrible at catching anything that is coming toward my head. The smaller the object the worse I am at catching. So I decided to take up soccer. I went and purchased a ball and have been practicing. It is good exercise as well as fun. I now just need to find someone to play with, haha. Wish me luck.

I purchased this really cool black, white and red soccer ball that just so happened to be on clearance. When I got home from work later that day, I discovered that it was deflating. There was a reason it was on clearance. I traded it for another ball, since they didn't have anymore black, white and red ones.

I purchased a cute pink soccer ball and it has kept its shape. I love soccer now. I even watched a little on T.V. Yes that is right me, Lanie, the girl who hates watching sports. Its crazy.