Thursday, April 16, 2009

Almost Over

The Spring Semester is almost over! I am very excited for Summer Semester... my last hard math class!!! As you may know I am planning to get my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. Recently I have decided to add to that by getting my Masters in Communication. I just love my speech class; I have a wonderful teacher... she is really hard but I have learned a lot. I plan to become a public speaker later in life so I think it would be very beneficial to me.

For those of you who don't know I am waitressing at the IHoP Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. I really like it. I get to work with cool people and don't have to work on Sundays. I think I could waitress until I am done with school. So if you are hungry come see me at the IHoP! The Strawberry Banana Pancakes ROCK!!!!

I have recently made some new friends and am enjoying spending time with them. I have also attended a few Mid-Singles Adult church activities and have met some lovely girls and look forward to becoming friends. It’s been nice this semester to have a little free time for friends.

Sunday school singing time has been going great. Last week the kids were hopped up on their Easter candy and when I walked in the primary room the kids were literally running in circles around the room. My singing time activity was for kids to come up one at a time and pick a plastic egg with a song in it from the Easter basket. I quickly realized this wasn't going to be enough since they were so active so I changed the activity to include hide n seek on each song. Two kids would come up and one would go out of the room while the other hide the sticker somewhere in the room and then the other kid would come back in and we would sing until he found it. The closer he or she got to the sticker the louder we sang. It went over well and the kids had a lot of fun. Next Sunday we will be learning two new songs, one for the End of the year Primary program and one for the Mother's day program.

Well that’s my life in an Easter egg shell... school, work, church and a little fun. I hope you all enjoyed the Easter Holiday!

Love Lanie