Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Greetings

Life is going very well. I am working for Sony Playstation which is fun. I even got a free PlayStation out of it. I really love working there. It is nice to have a job that I truly enjoy... most days anyhow, lol.

The PS Vita just came out and I got to play it for an hour after training. I want one of my own now. Sony really out did themselves this time. I highly recommend it. There are a ton of awesome features. My favorite is augmented reality. The back background of the game is whatever is in front of you in real life. So when I shot the cartoons with my cartoon gun it looks like I am shooting them into real life. It reminds me of the movie Roger Rabbit, so fun.

I am out school this week, on break between winter and spring semesters. I had a great winter semester and I am looking forward to spring semester. I get to take understanding DNA and I am so very excited about that. I love genetics; it is fascinating. I also get to take world religions which will be a fun class. I will be taking a math class and studying to test out of 3 other math classes. That will be interesting.

At the end of July I will graduate with my associates. I am excited to have all education, child development and special education classes after that. I had a ton of fun in my Elementary P.E. Methods class. I have a ton of lesson plans to use when I am a teacher. Parachutes was my favorite class to teach.

I also discovered I am not totally devoid of athletic ability. I was pretty good at shooting in basketball once I got the correct form down. I also was pretty good at soccer and if that wasn't enough I was good at swinging a bat and connecting with the ball. I am still horrible at catching anything that is coming toward my head. The smaller the object the worse I am at catching. So I decided to take up soccer. I went and purchased a ball and have been practicing. It is good exercise as well as fun. I now just need to find someone to play with, haha. Wish me luck.

I purchased this really cool black, white and red soccer ball that just so happened to be on clearance. When I got home from work later that day, I discovered that it was deflating. There was a reason it was on clearance. I traded it for another ball, since they didn't have anymore black, white and red ones.

I purchased a cute pink soccer ball and it has kept its shape. I love soccer now. I even watched a little on T.V. Yes that is right me, Lanie, the girl who hates watching sports. Its crazy.

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CJ & LJ said...

Finally getting online to see blogs. Lanie, you will make a fantastic teacher. I am scared to play soccer but happy to watch you. =)