Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Long Awaited Post!!!

This is for all my blog fans out there... haha. I hope it was worth the wait. Anyhow life is busy busy busy for me. School is going great. My most exciting news is that I am the new Primary Chorister. I had really been wanting a calling and never thought it would come, then the phone rang, it was Brother Bonneson. I went over to the church about 30 minutes later and got my call. I was so excited, I thought "wow I got the best job in the church." As it turns out it is the best job in the whole church! However, it is so so so much work. I have put in I would say at least 60 hours of work making stuff in the last 6 weeks. I feel like I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and shouldn't have to much more work to do, maybe only 20 more hours worth. I have my music lineup through the end of the year and almost all the stuff made for the fun songs and activities. Last week I brought Simon the Singing Snake and the better they sing the more he grows. It was a BIG HIT!!! I got comments after church from the sisters in the Relief Society room next door about how great the kids sounded. I also made a big poster titled "Sing Like A Lark On Noah's Ark" I made a background in paint of water, sky and clouds and then put Noah's Ark on it with velcro dots and the kids were able to come pick people or animals with songs written on the back. They loved it. I also made 3 other posters for the new songs we are learning for the primary program. Its been so much fun. I also get to do singing time in Nursey and it is really a lot of fun. My adorable niece Brielle was in Nursey on Easter and it was so fun to have her there. They kept calling her Brinley for some reason and I kept correcting them and saying Brielle. It was kind of funny because my cousin is named Brinley. Well thats all for now folks... I have a Math Exam tomorow and need to study study study... I hope I do well. Wish me luck! Toodles.