Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life Without School

Hello my friends. I know I promised to show you all my art collection, but I was unable to get permission from the artist to be able to post them online. I love the artist and need to respect her wishes. On another note, life is going well. I am working for my neighbor while I wait for school to start again. It isn't the most glamorous job but the pay is okay, the hours are great, I get time off whenever I ask for it, I work with cool people and there is no stress. On the fun side of life, I have been playing a lot of EverQuest. I have met some really cool people and I am really enjoying spending time with them. The best part about it is that I get to play EQ with my mom; it is nice getting to spend more time with her.

I am not currently dating anyone. My last date was a cross between comical and revolting. It was a blind date. I met him at the movie theater. He showed up in sweat shorts, flip flops, a dirty old t-shirt and a baseball cap. He bought our tickets and then asked me if I wanted anything from concessions. I told him I would like some water. He proceeded to tell me that it would take too long to get through the line and he didn't want to miss the movie. I think he just didn't want to by me any water because we had 15 minutes before the movie started. When we got into the theater he asked me where I wanted to sit. I told him near the top row. He said there wasn't enough room up there and suggested the front row. I think he just didn't want to walk up the stairs. I don't know why he even asked me where I wanted to sit. Throughout the movie I noticed he kept wiping his nose with his sleeve and picking the wax out of his ear and wiping it on his shorts. A couple of times during the movie his cell phone went off and he kept checking it. It made me wonder if he had somewhere more important to be. After the movie was over I went to powder my nose and when I came out I saw him standing there picking his nose. I guess that was his form of concessions. As we walked out of the theatre he was messing with his cell phone and was on it before I got more then a few steps away from him. I thought this was very rude!!! We then met up for ice cream. He talk endlessly about his video game while sitting at the table with his legs spread so far apart I wondered if he could do the splits. Did I mention he was seriously obese? It wasn't a pretty picture. I spent the whole time trying to keep the lower portion of his body out of my peripheral vision... He made it clear he was not active in church by the way he spoke. The most offensive part of the whole date was when he used the most profane swear word. He was for sure not the right Mormon boy for me. I found this picture "Choose the Right Mormon Boy" and thought it was so cute and fit well with this story.
This coming weekend we are taking a trip to Great Falls, Montana to see CJ, LeNell and the boys. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Art Mania

I have recently added more art to my growing collection. Special Thanks to my talented cousin Andra Jensen!

Picture of my collection will be coming soon ;) After They are approved for viewing.