Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Mom, Dad, Grandma and I all went to Lewis & Clark Caverns. Dad stubbed his toe on a lip in the floor on the path and fell two feet into a hole. I pulled him out of the hole but he cut up his hand an arm. Dad is so tough he was bleeding all over the place and all he said was "ouch". His arm has a black and purple bruise covering from his wrist to arm pit. He scrapped off a large chunk of skin on his hand that is still trying to heal. Dad walked the rest of the two hours with his hand and arm bleeding without complaint. The caverns were really cool and we had alot of fun.

We then headed to Virgina City to pan for gold but sadly they were all closed up when we got there. Then we went to Ennis and had dinner. The outside of the place looked like a hole in the wall but once we got it in was so nice and clean and really yummy BBQ ribs! Then we drove home; it was a long day but very fun.


Denisse said...

Lanie, I'm glad you guys had a fun time despite Clay falling! I'm glad it wasn't anything serious! He's a trooper!

Thanks for sending that package to us! We are all excited to get it!!!:) Love ya!:)

grandma said...

thaqnks for telling how much we enjoyed the day. it was so nice to be with you and your folks.

Chuck Jensen said...

I love your Blog. If I had one, I'd hope it would be as good.

Ryan and Kara said...

That sounds like fun. Kara and I want to go to the Lewis and Clark Caverns now. I remember it from when we went there when I was little, but Kara has never been.