Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hey! They Look Like Twins To Me!

I do not have any children of my own and I always wanted a little girl who looks like me, now I don't have to feel sad that I don't have kids because Heavenly Father made my dream come true by sending a little girl who looks like me to my brother Ryan and his beautiful wife Kara. Emily will always hold a special place in my heart because she is the little girl I always dreamed of. I also get the added benefit of being the fun aunt that spoils her without all the hard work of being a parent. It has worked out perfectly. I am truly blessed. 
Side By Side
I am a bit older then Emily in these pictures but most of our features are the same. Eye Shape, Bottom Eye Lids, Lips, Lines Between Lips and Nose, Nose, Chin, Tiny Bone Structure (small frames), Face Shape (she is thinner but the shape is the same) 
We have other similarities besides our looks. We have the same favorite color, yellow. Ryan and Kara suspect she might be left handed like me. She has a sweet, kind and strong personality like me. She is the only daughter in her family like me, but that may change.
Features that are different: 
Eye Color - Emily's are a pretty light blue, Mine are a dark blue gray, with a hint of green.
Eye Spacing - Emily's are slightly further apart then mine, just slightly.
Ears - She has her mom's much cuter ears.
Hair Thickness - My hair is thicker.
Hair Color - Emily's is a bit lighter then mine.
Weight - Emily had such trouble gaining weight and growing for the first year of her life, that she is much lighter then me at that age. Now she is growing at a normal healthy rate, thanks to a wonderfully kind Heavenly Father for healing and blessing her.


Denisse said...

Oh my goodness Lanie! You were the CUTEST little girl!!!! I can definitely see the resemblance between you and Emily! How fun! :)

I always tell Scott how cute I think his clothes are in all of his pictures, your mom dressed you guys so cute! Totally vintage now, I would love to have some of those clothes for my kids!

Jana said...

Lanie, you really always have been so cute. :) I love your big eyes. And you do look like Emily. So fun!

Ps I love that your blog is called "Lanie Finally Updated Her Blog!" YOu make me laugh.

Thanks for all the sweet comments you leave on my blog. I miss you, cousin!


Karen said...

Just on a whim, I looked at your blog and WAALAAAA it's 2013 and you posted! @ cuties for sure.