Thursday, August 13, 2009

Emme's New Doo

Emme got a new haircut. Its very short, short, short! It is really nice because now she doesn't get matted so easily; her hair was getting out of control.

Mom went to take a nap and found Emme had taken over her spot; she had gotten down under the covers so all you could see was her head. Mom decided to take a nap on top of the covers so Emme wouldn't have to move. There never was a dog so spoiled.

Emme has a hobbie of leaping off the back of chairs. Well recently she sprained her ankle in her high flying acrobatics. The vet said we needed to keep her clam while it healed. I hope we will be able to sucessfully keep her from jumping off high places so she doesn't end up in a doggy cast like this poor pup.


Ryan and Kara said...

Nathanial sure misses Emme! She looks cute with her new "doo".

The Adams Family said...

Cute, cute dog!